Craig Frames 200ASH216 14 by 22-Inch Picture Frame, Wood Grain Finish, .75-Inch Wide, Walnut Brown

This brand new picture frame is manufactured in the USA at our facility in Ithaca, Michigan using the best materials and tools available. Our picture and poster frames LARGER THAN OR EQUAL TO 12×18 inches (inside dimensions) include clear ACRYLIC facing, a rigid cardboard backing and hanging hardware. Some assembly is required to attach the hanging hardware to the frame. Visit our seller info page for assembly instructions. Hanging hardware includes: (2) 1″ Nails, (1) 30# capacity Wall Hanger, (1) 4′ length of Hanging Wire, (2) D-Rings, (2) 1/2″ Screws. Before hanging your frame, please remember to peel off the blue protective film from the ACRYLIC facing for maximum clarity. Our picture frames will compliment any space that you hang them in, they make great gifts and they will protect and display your photographs and artwork for years to come. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us. Feel free to visit our storefront and seller info pages to browse our extensive selection of frames, read customer feedback or review our policies and contact info. At the end of the day we want you to be completely happy with your purchase. Be sure to add us to your list of favorites so you can easily find us the next time you need a quality picture frame. Thank you for shopping with us. We are Craig Frames and we are framing the world…one customer at a time.
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OTC ORTHOTEX Knee Stabilizer Wrap with Spiral Stays, 5X-large

This OTC knee stabilizer is made from Orthotex fabric, an open 3-dimensional knit that is a non-latex alternative to neoprene. It offers breathability, elasticity, therapeutic compression, comfort and heat control. It is less �hot� to wear than neoprene, thus appropriate for long term wear or wear in warm climates, and ideal for wearers who are allergic to or irritated by neoprene fabric.
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Wet Naturals Enriched Body Glide, Strawberry Flavored, 3.3-Ounce Bottle (Pack of 2)

Intimacy Should be Natural… Formulated especially for women by women, Wet’s quality, glycerin-free, paraben-free Sensual Strawberry blend is designed to enhance a woman’s natural moisture. Both pH balanced and hypoallergenic, this long lasting and luxurious, water-based formula is enriched with vitamins and antioxidants and works well for those with sensitive skin. Wet Naturals Sensual Strawberry is sugar-free, naturally flavored and lightly scented for a deliciously sensual experience. Love your body and bring your fantasies to life!
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Womens Fashion – The Secrets to a Better Wardrobe and the Right Dress For New Years

The “anything goes” don’t apply to the one year Party Night that you should and would look like a princess. No glass shoes but everything crystal is the hottest this year.So here we go again. New Year and all the other “must attend to” Christmas Parties.It’s with a mixed feeling when this season surprise me behind the office desk. Suddenly there is gingerbread in the kitchen, oranges and hot glogg in the coffee brewer. It’s a wonderful time when imagining snow that slowly falls outside the windows in the darkness, the candle lights that gently burns with it’s warm yellow light. Christmas is best remembered when I was a young girl, wearing my nicest dress, shiny black shoes and wrote letters to Santa wishing for everything pink and made of plastic so it’s fun to play with.Such a girly girl I was, well yes I really was and I enjoyed every moment of it. But comparing getting the gifts from everyone, smiling and opening them to stressful and crowded shopping between short lunch breaks makes Christmas a whole new deal. Keep on asking myself why such three wise men had to rush out and buy gifts to baby Jesus? Well, the thought is great and I have to admit that it feels wonderful to give but panicking over grandmas gift and all new babies presents without even thinking about what I’m going to wear.Well, Christmas tends to be pretty casual when it comes to snuggle up in the coach with a hot chocolate (at least in my family). You could wear a cute knitted cardigan, a pair of cozy jeans and tidy up with something wine red, for that extra pinch in the cheek it’s wise to use grandmas pearls again.So the Christmas Eve is set but what always catches me by surprise are the Christmas parties in between, friends having a “small dinner” or these invitations to clubs, shops and of course work that forces you to work on your imagination. Still, the worst is not that, peanuts and a mild warm-up. The big crises always hits me when New Years comes up. Either there is that eternal question “where are we going to go, do and with who?” The greed and search of the perfect way to celebrate it forces me to throw “plain” friends away and force my boyfriend to start being romantic. Hell of a lot romantic otherwise I was using friends “overly romantic boyfriends” as brutal examples.”He had put rose-peddles all over the place” or “the champagne was on ice and the lobster was in the Owen”. Well, a quick shopping for accessories and my black old dress works like a charm. So here it goes girls, when time is running out keep the fitted black one handy and make it fun shopping for some new details to add instead. This year I’m in a real 20’s mood and the cocktail dress will be transformed (like the Cinderella dress, no birds attending though). Have already found a pair of high heels, clumsy looking and cute with round toes and a chunky heel in shiny black. Then adding some soft curls, a red lipstick and some crystal earrings. The broach is the only one that is on the dress making it feel new and fresh again.So for the wallet that is thin and for the ones that have so much to attend that a great base is of essentiality, I recommend the black one.Well, back to the gift shopping but with a feeling that this years New Year will be a good one, turning old leafs to new ones and hoping for a fresh start with a fresh style for all of us.

Health Insurance For Your Small Business – Do it Now

Health insurance is important for anyone. It is especially to you, because the functionality of your business depends on the health and vitality of your employees. Now more than ever, health insurance for your business isn’t an option, its a must.Why it’s important nowYour business, unfortunately, is not invincible. Your advertising may be great, your product sales may be through the roof. But without health care for your employees, your business is susceptible to all the problems associated with health issues. Valuable employees missing time from work, family emergencies, and costly medical bills can cause a combination of problems for your business. An employee may a seek a job with benefits when medical bills keep piling up. And every business owner in America knows how hard it is to find good workers. Don’t risk it.Congress is in the process of reforming health care. While these changes could directly benefit small business owners, the bill being proposed more than likely won’t take effect until 2013. You don’t have four years to wait.Additionally, insurance companies are stepping up to the plate now more than ever for small business owners. There are tens of dozens of companies competitively seeking your business. Most are offering customizable plans, and assigning their best agents to manage your health care needs. They have simplified the application and administration processes, making it easier to focus on your business instead of your health plan.And what about you? Do you have health insurance? Your business, or your life for that matter, can’t successfully be run if you are plagued with health problems. Does your family have health insurance? If the answer is no, then you may as well kill a bunch of birds with one stone. Because some of your employees probably have loved ones who need insurance as well.The bottom line is the bottom line.Yeah it’s true, small business health insurance [] can take a big bite out of your annual income. But think about what you really can afford, versus what you really CAN’T afford. When your in business for yourself, it’s sometimes difficult if not impossible to make up for lost time. Do it now!

TheZipKit Ultra for Flip Ultra, 2nd generation & Flip UltraHD Camcorders. Accessories pack includes: Deluxe Camera Case, Small leatherette case, Mini Tripod, Ultra High Capacity 4500 mAh battery pack, USB ext cable, LCD Film, Lens cleaning kit and more. (NON OEM)

Buy TheZipKit Ultra for Flip Ultra, 2nd generation & Flip UltraHD Camcorders. Accessories pack includes: Deluxe Camera Case, Small leatherette case, Mini Tripod, Ultra High Capacity 4500 mAh battery pack, USB ext cable, LCD Film, Lens cleaning kit and more. (NON OEM)

  • ULTRA ACCESSORY PACK includes 7 of our top FLIP accessories.
  • #1) Our Deluxe ZIP KIT Camera Case W 7″ x H 4″ x D 6″
  • #2) Ultra High Capacity 4500 mAh Battery Pack.
  • #3) Leatherette Camera Case #4) Flexible Mini Tripod #5) USB Extension Cable
  • #6) LCD Screen Protector Kit #7) Lens Cleaning Kit

Product Description DELUXE ACCESSORY PACK includes: #1) Our Deluxe Hard Shell digital camera case includes double zippers and a Velcro flap for added security. Inside you will find 3 padded dividers to protect your valuables and ample room for your camera as well as accessories. W7x D4. For versatility we include a shoulder strap as well as an easy to use extra wide belt loop. #2) Included is our New Ultra High Capacity 4500 mAh NIMH Rechargeable Battery Pack. #3) To help protect your camera we have included a small leatherette camera case as well to keep your camera from floating around inside your bag. Your leatherette bag includes a wide Velcro belt slot as well as its own shoulder strap. #4) Also included in your kit is a mini black wire bendable tabletop tri-pod that fits nicely in your camera bag so you will never be caught without one. #5) To get into those tight places we have included a 20″ USB Male to Female extension cable when you need a little extra length. #6) For that ultimate level of protection we have thrown in an LCD screen protector kit with 3 protective film sheets, cleaning wipe and squeegee card. Not only providing protection for your LCD but also reduces screen glare and fingerprints. #7) Lens cleaning kit with Cleaning Fluid, Cotton Swabs and Lens Cloth. Compatable with Flip Ultra, 2nd generation & Flip UltraHD Camcorders.

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TheZipKit Ultra for Flip Ultra, 2nd generation & Flip UltraHD Camcorders. Accessories pack includes: Deluxe Camera Case, Small leatherette case, Mini Tripod, Ultra High Capacity 4500 mAh battery pack, USB ext cable, LCD Film, Lens cleaning kit and more. (NON OEM)